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Most jobs are completed same day and the average charge will be in between $40-$160 per job.

The easier the job, the lower the cost can be.

All charges will be based on level need and how quickly jobs are completed. 


$80 per hour for in person computer services or support.

$60 pear year per device for remote support.

I do take donations if you ever feel obligated to pay more than the quoted price.

I take cash, check and credit card payments by phone or debit cards here below at my account.

My preference is basic repair jobs. I prefer home based businesses or home users as customers. 

I am currently based in Houston and La Porte so I have a big service area plus offer remote assistance.

I come to you to fix the issue or give you options for replacement.

I do not want to waste your time, money, and my effort on obsolete items that lost their value.

I can help with the following:

Apple or Windows Computers

Internet services setup and recommendation

Network issues or setup

Maintenance or Software issues such as viruses 

Some hardware problems and diagnostics


If you're ever unhappy feel free to contact me. I will do my best to resolve the issue or give you options.


I can repair problems as long as there are no issues with internet connectivity.

Please keep in mind I pay to provide this service.

That's why a low cost yearly fee is needed for this and phone support issues that I help with.

The link to install is below for my LogMeIn service or I can email the link for setup.


Below is the instructions for LogMeIn Uninstall.

Logmein Uninstall.pdf Logmein Uninstall.pdf
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Phone Number: (281) 513-7829



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